Longleaf Golf and Family Club


The mission of Longleaf Golf & Family Club is simple: implement the best practices that make golf enjoyable, practical, and affordable to all members of the family. As part of Longleaf’s mission to help every family enjoy golf more, we’re currently developing hole yardages from multiple tee locations based on a player’s average driving distance. Golfers of all ages will get tested in all facets of their game but still be able to have fun, and have more opportunities for pars and birdies. At Longleaf, you can expect that the pace of play will be fair and brisk, the course will be optimally designed to be both challenging and enjoyable, par will be attainable for all levels of play, and the facilities will be found in outstanding condition.

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Longleaf Golf and Family Club

10 N. Knoll Rd.
Southern Pines, NC  28387

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